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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions for us or if you need more info about your order, please contact us here or email info@pranakitchens.com


    All ingredients used in our products are 100% USDA organic certified. "Organically grown" refers to food that is grown and processed without any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Organic farming can have wide-ranging environmental and health benefits. It improves soil fertility by supplementing micronutrients and promoting biodiversity resulting in better soil quality and reduced pollution from fertilizer or pesticide run-off. Moreover, chemicals used as fertilizers or pesticides can decrease nutrition values and potentially harm our health. With the 2 pronged mission of providing our customers with the highest-quality products while ensuring the long term health of the soil we farm on, having an organic sourcing strategy was a no-brainer for us.

  • Are Prana Kitchens products organic certified?

    Prana Kitchens remain committed to using organic ingredients for all our products. You can see this for yourself in the list of ingredients we use in all our products. Ingredients that are directly sourced from farmers are backed by USDA organic certification among many other globally recognized certifications for organic and sustainable farming practices. We are also working towards our own USDA organic certification and hope to have that completed soon. Be on the lookout for the announcement.

  • How are spices created?

    Each of our products are crafted to perfection - with an intention to bring joy and health in every bite. Every recipe has been meticulously tested by Aruna & Sri and prepared in accordance with Ayurvedic principles. Incorporating all six tastes—sweet, sour, salty, bitter, pungent, and astringent—we strive to find the perfect balance to maximize both flavor and health benefits. We believe that we are connected beings and our energies affect the lives of those we touch. So you can count on us to imbue our spices with a positive mindset during preparation. By making them in small batches, we ensure maximum freshness and quality. Our spices and simple recipes can help you on your own journey to mindfulness in the kitchen. As your senses are enlivened with mindful cooking, your eating experience will be taken to a different level.

  • Can I customize my order?

    We are working on allowing you to make some customizations to our product offerings. After all, we know everyone is unique with different constitutions and definitely unique palettes.

  • What new products are you creating?

    As foodies, our product inspirations come from the culinary diversity of different cultures of the world and the artisans who create them. You will see them featured prominently in our site. No matter the cuisine or the recipe, we handcraft our foods based on Ayurveda principles to ensure maximum Prana. Have some recipes to share with us? Tag us on Instagram with your dishes and we’ll be sure to give them a go.

  • Why does Prana Kitchens not have ready-to-eat foods?

    Often, ready-to-eat foods are made in enormous quantities. This means long distances, warehouses, refrigeration, and endless preservatives. In other words - completely devoid of Prana. Our ethos is to handcraft products in small batches delivered to customers within days of preparing (not weeks or months) for maximum freshness, benefits, and taste. Ready-to-eat foods are counter to Ayurveda principles and our values.

  • What are the phases of Prana Kitchens’ production? Tell me more about how orders are fulfilled?

    We handcraft products in small and fresh batches to be delivered within days of preparing and therefore do not store and stock pre-made spices. You can check the status of your order on our website where you can see if we have begun preparing your spices. Spices will be shipped the same week they are prepared, guaranteeing delivery (in the US) within 5-10 business days using standard domestic shipping. Expedited shipping options are of course available for those that want it early. International orders will also be similarly processed, but please account for extra shipping times for delivery.

  • How can I track my order?

    You will receive an email or text (depending on your elected communication preferences) with a tracking number to notify you of your order shipment. Please use the tracking number for further details on delivery dates and times.

  • I received my order, but something is broken or missing. What should I do?

    We take the utmost care in fulfilling orders and packing our products. However, stuff sometimes happens. If you discover that something is broken or missing in your order, please email us with details at orders@pranakitchens.com within 30 days and we will ship you a replacement as soon as possible.

  • What about returns?

    We want our customers to be 100% thrilled with our products. Your satisfaction is very important to us. So if you are not satisfied for whatever reason, please send the products back to us. Any returns initiated within 2 weeks of delivery will receive a 100% refund from us, no questions asked. Please note that customers are responsible for all shipping costs for returns.

  • Can I cancel my order?

    Orders can be canceled until we print your shipping label. Customers wishing to cancel after that will receive an email with a return shipping label which can be used to send the products back to us. Please note that the customer will be responsible for shipping costs of returns. A refund for the order amount will be issued as soon as we receive the package.

  • Why is packaging important?

    Packaging protects the product from humidity, light, heat, and other external factors throughout the journey from the manufacturers, to transport and handling, to the end users. By prioritizing optimal packaging, we keep the product safe for your consumption. When we were designing the packaging, it was important to us to provide our customers with packaging that was reusable and recyclable. However, in the market, sustainable packaging is often dull, without much color. We designed our packaging to do both—be sustainable and vibrant with its multi colored labels.

  • Why Compostable packaging?

    Prana Kitchens also ensure sustainability in our packaging by avoiding single-use containers and providing containers that are only reusable or compostable. Compostable packaging reduces the carbon footprint, transportation costs, and toxins in the packaging itself. Not only is it easily disposable, our packaging naturally decomposes into soil without leaving harmful materials in the environment. We did not stop there. Our labels too are plant based and are entirely compostable.

  • Can I purchase Prana Kitchens products in bulk?

    Our ethos is to handcraft our organic products fresh, in small batches, and deliver to our customers within days of crafting (not weeks or months) for maximum freshness, benefits and taste. Bulk production or storage of food is counter to our values. Our soon to come subscription model will ensure a steady supply of our Prana-ful products to your kitchens.

  • What is the shelf life of Prana Kitchens products?

    Our recommendation is to consume the products within 2 months for maximum Prana. While spice blends will remain consumable for up to 2 years, we do not recommend storing our products beyond a year of preparation. We believe that all Prana and taste will be lost by then. This is why our products have been marked with a year long consumption period.

  • Why is sustainable sourcing important?

    Prana, the life force energy flows through all life on earth. But it has been muted and blocked from free flow because of the way we live, eat and grow our foods. We are out of harmony with ourselves and the environment. Our goal is to awaken the prana within by harnessing it from sustainably grown, ethically sourced , fair trade certified products and bringing it to you in the form of handcrafted foods and spices. We believe that mindful preparation and consumption of food not only nourishes our bodies, but also heals us. Likewise, growing food the right way restores the planet.

  • Where does Prana Kitchens source its ingredients?

    We remain committed to using organic ingredients for all our products. Prana Kitchen ingredients that are directly sourced from farmers are backed by USDA organic certification among many other globally recognized certifications for both organic and sustainable farming practices.

  • How do you select Farmers for sourcing your ingredients?

    We select farmers based on their farming practices that heal our body and preserve mother earth. For instance, farmers choose different kinds of organic manure for enhancing the soil and the plants. On our farm visits, we saw farmers using cow dung, compost from food waste, vermi-compost, cow urine, and combinations thereof as fertilizers. Not only are these safe for our bodies, they heal the soil and increase crop yield. Another ancient practice is multi layer farming where multiple crops are grown together for efficient use of land and to improve soil quality.

  • How do you support Farmers?

    A core pillar of our ethos is to support our community and honor the artisans that create our food. The farmers we source our products from are compensated with more than fair-trade wages for the practices they institute in farming thereby preserving this form of agriculture for generations to come. We are delighted to talk about their stories on our website.