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Laiju Black Pepper

Laiju Black Pepper

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Peppercorns, known as ‘Black Gold’, stimulate appetite and kindle the digestive fire (Agni). We source this from Mr. Laiju, a Vriksha Ayurveda practitioner, advancing our shared mission of organic, Ayurveda-informed agriculture.

Ayurveda Recommends

■ Suitable for Vata & Kapha. In moderation and with precaution for Pitta
■ Those with Pitta predominance should use Black pepper in small quantities & occasionally.
■ Take it with/immediately after food, preferably combined with pitta balancing items like ghee, sugar, or honey. It can also be consumed with milk, if suitable.
■ Cough: ½ tsp of pepper powder taken with 1 tsp of honey & ghee alleviates cough
■ Toothache: Brew a decoction of pepper powder in water & gargle with it to help with toothache.
■ Hoarseness of voice: ½ tsp of fine pepper powder mixed with honey, sugar and ghee taken twice a day.
■ As a general guidance, those with a pitta-vita imbalance should mix more ghee than honey while those with a pitta-kapha imbalance should mix more honey than ghee.

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Weight: 130G | 4.5 oz

Ingredients: Black Pepper

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Black pepper Farming

According to Ayurveda, Black Pepper offers health benefits, including improved digestion, detoxification, respiratory support, & anthelmintic effects. Of the 6 Rasas (essence/taste), Blackpepper is known for its pungent taste. It pacifies Vata & Kapha doshas while increasing Pitta dosha. Because of its hot potency, it is to be avoided by those prone to gastritis, burning sensations etc.

Prana Kitchens sources Black Pepper from Mr. James Laiju’s Farm. While it is a family inherited farm, Mr. Laiju has pivoted entirely to natural & organic farming techniques using practices prescribed by Vriksha Ayurveda (science of plant life). He has painstakingly developed natural crop enhancers, antifungal & bio repellent treatments. His efforts have helped purge heavy metal & chemical residues from the soil yielding
a nutritive, Vit-C rich, immensely flavorful pepper in his thriving farm.

Mr. James Laiju grows black pepper in his village Koovapally, a lower valley in the Western Ghats of Kerala. He continues his ancestors’ legacy of organic farming, but has enhanced it with practices from Vriksha Ayurveda. Using this science, Mr. Laiju enriches micronutrients in the soil, creates bio pest repellants, and protects his plants from disease.

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