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Shaashvat Cardamom

Shaashvat Cardamom

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Cardamom, the ‘Queen of Spices’, dazzles with flavor, antioxidants, and breath-freshening benefits. We source this from Mr. Mathews George, advancing our shared mission of organic, sustainable agriculture.

Ayurveda Recommends

■ Suitable for Vata & Kapha. In moderation and with precaution for Pitta
■ Those with Pitta predominance should use Cardamom in small quantities & occasionally. Take it
with/immediately after food, preferably combined with pitta balancing items like ghee, sugar, or
honey. It can also be consumed with milk, if suitable.
■ Sore throat or bad breath: Add ½ tsp of Cardamom whole or powder to 1 cup of hot water.
Steep for 3-4 mts. Gargle with the infusion to relieve sore throat, nausea or bad breath.
■ Bloating & Digestion: Crush equal amounts of Cardamom, Dry Ginger & rock salt into a powder.
Add ½ tsp of the mix to 1 cup of warm water to alleviate digestive ailments.
■ Stress: Cardamom in traditional Chai or green tea relieves headache & stress.
■ Nausea, loss of appetite: Mix ½ gm of cardamom powder with honey and have three times a
day. It is a great home remedy for nausea, indigestion, and loss of appetite.

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Ingredients: Cardamom

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Cardamom Farming

Cardamom is pungent, sweet, & bitter in Rasa. It pacifies Vata & Kapha dosha imbalances. It is an excellent digestive as it reduces indigestion, a common issue for those seeking to balance their Kapha & Vata Doshas. The aromatic seeds are also widely used as a breath freshener.

Prana Kitchens sources Cardamom from Mr. Matthews George who has adopted entirely natural & bio-organic farming techniques to cultivate cardamom on his farm. He uses micro nutrients to enrich the soil & bio organisms that are natural predators for Thrips, a pest that causes lacerations on cardamom pods. Mr. Matthews adopts a holistic & long term perspective when it comes to farming & improving crop yield using techniques that improve water conservation & soil biodiversity on his farm.

Mr. Matthews George cultivates cardamom, ginger, and turmeric in Karunapuram, Kerala. After a 25-year tenure in banking, he changed course to traditional sustainable farming. He plants for biodiversity, efficiently manages bio-waste, conserves water, and uses natural fertilizers—techniques he shares with his community as part of the Shaashvat Center for Sustainable Living foundation to encourage their green living.

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